The 1st Global Trusted-platform for association donations tracking & transparency

Introducing Solyum, the 1st platform dedicated to labelyse associations donations & track their operational real impact for people in need globally.

Solyum is building a global vision with a NFT collection combining a platform enabling donations trackings for investors, donors & associations. Each Yumy is unique and generated from 50+ attributes. Get a Yumy is a proof of your caritarive support in blockchain world and Solyum will award it:

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strong Yumie

Unique value propositions for investors, donors & associations

Success Yumie

For holders

  • Get a Yumy, from a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs.
  • Sold it instantly on Opensea.
  • Access to the token pre-sales for Solyum stage 2.
  • Each investor will be given the opportunity to mint a 3D NFT in presale for the future metavers.
Ganbling Yumie

For donors

  • Tracking and transparency about associations donations, from the investor to people in need.
  • Get a label/certification as a "crypto donor" (as a person or company).
  • Donors will choose which associations they want to finance (donations platform).
Metaverse Yumie

For associations

  • Enhance trust with donor communities with transparency and by providing effectiveness of its funding mechanisms.
  • Track more easily the donations distribution from the donor, to its real impact for people in need, and facilitate their audit process.
  • Allow associations to get technical & legal access to crypto funding ecosystem.
  • Allow associations to easily reach and engage a very active crypto/blockchain communities with high amount of cash available.

The 10000 Yumies NFT are the first step in Solyum global vision for creating the first tracking donation platform allowing to track contribution in social projects.

Feed the World ! The Yumies are entering the fight against world hunger.

Baby Yumie

The sales of this NFT collection is the 1st stage of he Solyum global vision to build the 1st Global Trusted-platform for association donations tracking & transparency. Moreover, 15% of the income will be donated to finance meal programs for children around the world. It is fundamental for the Solyum team to quickly distribute a portion of the earnings to help those most in need.

Baby Yumie

We will be financing social projects, including meal programs, by collecting a percentage of the royalties received from every Yumies sale. It is important for the Solyum team to quickly distribute a portion of the earnings to help those most in need. The project will evolve over time, cooperatively with our community, to strike the optimum balance between profitability through innovation and profit-sharing. We expect ideas from our community and sharing throught our social networking to see this project succeed and beneficial to all involved.

Yumies form a unique collection of 10,000 NFTs created with the Solana blockchain. 50+ attributes will establish the exclusivity level of every Yumie:

▶ Background
▶ Pasta type
▶ Moods
▶ Hats
▶ Weapons



Yumies are part of a unique collection of 10,000 NFTs. 50+ attributes will establish the exclusivity level of every Yumie :

▶ Background ▶ Pasta type ▶ Moods ▶ Hats ▶ Weapons

Ethereum - 8,1%

Pink - 12,6%

Ocean - 15,3%

Sunny - 17,4%

Blue - 23,1%

Orange - 23,5%


Ethereum - 2,2%

Spinash - 4,3%

Egg - 6,1%

Tomato - 21,6%

Bubble gum - 30,2%

Original - 35,6%


Mesmerized - 5,2%

Stone - 7,8%

Cute 11,9%

Weep - 20,3%

Suspicious - 23,7%

Furious - 31,1%


Rasta - 1,4%

Party boy - 1,5%

King - 1,7%

Sayan - 1,8%

Santa - 1,9%

Aviator - 2,1%

Cowboy - 2,4%

Ninja - 2,6%

Soldier - 2,8%

Viking - 3,2%

Beanie - 3,4%

Red bandana - 3,6%

Blue bandana - 3,6%

Prop cap - 3,8%

Farmer hat - 3,9%

Helmet - 3,9%

Disco - 4,1%

Pirate - 4,1%

Eye patch - 4,3%

Justin - 4,5%

Punk - 4,6%

Cap backward - 5,1% 

Brice - 5,2%

None - 24,5%


Taser - 2,5%

Red light saber - 2,6%

Lucille - 2,6%

Gun - 2,7%

Hammer- 2,9%

Butcher knife - 3,0%

Shield - 4,2%

Slingshot - 4,6%

Bomb - 4,6%

Blue light saber - 4,7%

Medieval - 4,7%

Double katana - 4,9%

Excalibur - 5,2%

Axe - 5,7%

Kunaï - 6,8%

Saber - 6,9%

Knife - 6,9%

None - 24,5%

Solyum ecosystem roadmap


▶ Launch on January, 22nd 2022
▶ Each NFT holder will be registered for the future token mint at special pre-sale price.
▶The tracking platform development will start after selling all the Yumies collection.
 ▶ Holding a yumy will allow each investor to be registered in a pre-mint token sales.


▶ Event for the holders in France in big castles.
▶ Incredible gifts to support our investors.
▶ Lauch of the platform to track donations from associations in the centralized and decentralized.
▶ Community choice for marketing with a wallet community system through royalties.


▶ Each investor will be given a 3D Nft for the future metavers.
▶ We are aware that in the near future, many companies and associations will need a study to track donations to associations.


▶ Pre-token sales access for early investor and token sales for other.
▶ Tracking platform development and launch.
▶ Investor tracking platform development and launch.
▶ Label /certification launch. 


Meet the Solyum Team

A team of tech enthusiasts involved in blockchain for the past 7 years!
▶ Serial investors & entrepreneurs.
▶ Successful track record in decentralized business models.
▶ Unique combination of expertises: tech, blockchain, growth and design.
▶ Very active in the voluntary sector and with organizations.

  Our legitimacy directly originates from years spent on designing Solyum in addition of investing and consulting on various backed projects.

Super Yuman

Super Yuman

 & Co-Founder

Bat Yuman

Bat Yuman

 & Co-Founder

Harley Yum

Harley Yum

Art Director
 & Co-Founder

Spider Yuman

Spider Yuman

Head of Ecosystem
 & Co-Founder

Captain Yuman

Captain Yuman

Head of Growth
 & Co-Founder


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